Protect your home from Power-Cuts

In an age where we rely so heavily on having a constant supply of electricity to our homes, it can be extremely inconvenient when the power that we take for granted is cut-off for any period of time.

At PPS generators Ltd, we have a number of products that can ensure that your lights remain on during a power-cut.  If you only require the bare minimum during a power-cut, i.e. a few lights and a TV, we can provide you with a small, petrol driven manual start machine.  If you want to carry on as normal during a power-cut, we can supply a fully automatic system, correctly sized so that you can use all of your electrical appliances just as you would if you were running off mains electricity.

How does an Automatic Mains Failure Generator work?

An Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) system comprises two main parts, the AMF Changeover Panel, and an Automatic Generator.  The AMF Changeover panel is connected between your incoming Mains supply and your consumer unit, and it controls the generator via the CONN plug in connector. The panel constantly monitors the Mains supply, and when the Mains fails, or goes outside of prescribed limits, it signals the generator to start, and changes your house supply from Mains to Generator.  In most cases, there is around a 30 second loss of power while the generator is starting and gets up to speed.

When the Mains supply is restored, the AMF panel will monitor the voltages to ensure they are stable, and then change your house supply back from Generator to Mains.  This will cause a power interruption of around 1 - 2 seconds.  When the changeover is complete, the generator will run on for a few minutes to allow it to cool down, and then it will stop, and be ready for the next Power-Cut.  The AMF Changeover Panel has a built in battery charger, to ensure the Generator battery is always ready to start the machine.

So, to back up your home in the event of a Power-Cut, all you need is an AMF Changeover Panel, a CONN enabled generator, and an electrician to fit the panel and cabling.